RubyTL - Model Driven Development in Ruby

RubyTL is a set embedded DSLs (Domain Specific Languages) to develop applications using the Model Driven Development paradigm. In this moment it provides the following features.


RubyTL is the core of an Eclipse-based IDE, called AGE, that can be downloaded from this site.
It is recommended to use RubyTL within AGE, since it provides a Ruby editor with syntax highlighting, code templates and some code completion (all borrowed from the RDT project). Anyway, it is possible to use RubyTL from the command line.


Download the latest version from

More information

More information and examples are available in the AGE main page.

Author and License

Author:: Jesus Sanchez Cuadrado
Requires:: Ruby 1.8.5, Rake 0.7 and RMOF
License:: Copyright 2006, 2007 by Jesus Sanchez.
Released under the GPL license. See the LICENSE file included in the distribution.